Thirty-five years ago, a little town on a big mountain had the best Independence Day celebration ever. Families and friends lined the street to celebrate America! America!, its spacious skies, its amber waves of grain, and of course its foggy mountain majesties. There was music, dancing, cake-decorating contests, cat and dog displays of prowess, delicious food and drink, and of course a parade. We weren’t able to celebrate together in 2020 due to the pandemic, but we are back again! Some events may look a little different as we modify as needed for safety, but the fun and fanfare can’t be contained! We invite everyone far and wide to Sewanee, Tennessee on Sunday, July 4th, for an all-day commemoration of who we are and what it took to get here, and we’re calling this party, Maskerade.

We’ve been working for months on the biggest, best, most arms-open-wide parade Sewanee has ever seen. Of course, there’ll be fire engines, police cars, the grand marshal (soon to be announced), candy galore, and this year we want you and your organization to crown thy good with some brotherhood (and sisterhood) in our parade!

There are so many creative ways to strut your stuff up University Avenue and they range from traditional and elaborate to simple, elegant, memorable, and bizarre. Anything with wheels is good: flatbeds, cars, convertibles, golf carts, wagons, wheelbarrows, bikes, big wheels, scooters; but on foot (or hooves) could be even better, especially if you’ve got a colorful banner (and/or signs, big hats, confetti, giant pinwheels) declaring who you are and what you do for this diverse community.


Fireworks at Cheston